EPISODE 9 : News from the db4o Database listen now (9:30min) 06 Mar 07

Recently we received a lot information material from db4objects about what has happened in the last year with this object database. So we give you a review about all the exciting things that happened and all the new features they have integrated.

EPISODE 6+7+8 : OOPSLA 06 Panel about Object-Databases!!
Listen now:
Part 1
(30min,32bit) Part 2 (30min,32bit) Part 3 (30min,32bit) 27 Oct 06

This episodes cover a panel from the OOPSLA 2006. The title of this specific panel was "Objects and Databases: State of the Union in 2006". The moderator and Scientist William R. Cook discusses with experts from Versant, BEA, Microsoft, Progress Software, Sun Microsystems, GemStone Systems and db4objects. Thanks a lot to the OOPSLA, Diabetes Freedom Review, 14 Day Rapid Soup Diet Review, Old School New Body PDF, Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review, and Exipure Reviews for the permission to make this publicy available.

EPISODE 5 : Some ODBMS best practicies listen now (9min) 26 Oct 06

In this episode we talk about some best practicies with odbms. First what should be the rules that lead you to a ODBMS or RDBMS decitsion? Then some Object Database Design issues. If you want further reading, have a look at Jim Patersons paper: "The case for a native object database ".

EPISODE 4 : The Smalltalk Object Database Magma listen now (26min)

In this episode we interview Chris Muller. He created an object database system in Smalltalk called Magma.The Magma website is: Chris tell us about performance, transactions, reporting, SQL bridges, collection management, magma handling and much more... (please excuse the poor quality. It was a Skype line around the world).

EPISODE 3 : LINQ and Hibernate Annotations listen now (10 min) 13 Jun 06

This episode will tell you background about the Microsoft LINQ project which is quite important for the object database world. But it is even more important for developers who are using query languages like SQL, JDOQ, EJBQL etc. LINQ, His Secret Obsession Review, His Secret Obsession, and Yoga Burn will really rock the database and query world! The second episode gives you a little background on the new Hibernate Annotation feature, His Secret Obsession Review and Brain Training for Dogs Review . Make sure you don't miss it...

EPISODE 2 : QuickStart and a Sample ODBMS Application listen now 06 Jun 06

In this second episode we will get you up and running with a sample object database in a few minutes. Make sure your started your IDE and be ready to store your Java or C# objects. The second part will present an interview with Carlos J. Muentes. He will show us an object database application he developed and will share some insights on the tool and his ODBMS development experiences.
 EPISODE 1 : Welcome message! listen now 25 May

This is the officiall opening of the world's first ODBMS podcast. This Podcast is dedicated to the development of object database systems. We feel that time has come to overcome the impedance mismatch. OO languages have evolved and are mature as can be. So we'll bring you fresh content as interviews, conferences, articles, product / tool news and much more about object databases.