Use the advertising effect 4 free!

Have a look at the following overview:

Lets look at all the options you have:

A1: You are a private person. You have any interesting information that is somehow sloppy related to object databases. This can be industry news, you wrote a book, you wrote a paper, you build a stunning it system, ... anything. You name it. We can podcast this news / info for you. For free! This means we offer you an advertise add on! For example: You wrote a cool article more or less related to object databases. We don't figth with you to publish here! Instead we can promote your work to an incredible wide audience (while you publish on acm or ieee :-)!

We deliver an add on to your work! Hence, any info or news you have can be useful. Even a telephone / skype interview with you could be cool if you have something interesting to say. We'll record, cut and podcast it.

A2: You belong to a company. The same as above belongs to you if your information (news, paper, experiences, etc.) is not related to your product or purely commercial. We will be happy to podcast whatever you have.

B: You belong to a company:

B1: You want to podcast product or company / commercially related news / info?
Then talk to us and we're happy to make a competitive offer that incorporates the message length and the actual number of potential listeners.

B2: You wish to sponsor an episode? You want to place an ad in the episode?

Same as above: Get in touch and we're happy to make an competitive offer that incorporates and the actual number of potential listeners.

B3: You want to place your banners on this website?

No problem! Again we will provide an offer that incorporates a fair link value.

B4: You are interested in the compite site and it's service?

We are happy to answer any questions you have confidentially.

We will be happy to provide a mediadata pdf that contains target demographic description, visitor statistics, page loads / unique- and returning visitors, CTR, and more.