How to use this podcast!

Well, the usage is quite easy. Let's have a look at how you want to use it:

1. Directly     2. Juice     3. iTunes

1. Hear it directly!
Whenever you see the symbol of the speaker and the words "listen now", you can directly klick of it and the respective mp3 file will be uploaded to your computer / device. On your computer, your associated media player will be opened and you can hear the file. It might be Winamp that plays your mp3 files. But wait, you can right-click it and save it on your computer. Or even better, connect your mp3-player and save it to your USB-mp3-players drive that has been mounted. Then listen to it whenever and whereever you like (during sports, in the car, ...).

2. Subscribe to the podcast using Juice

One popular method to subscribe to podcast feeds is to use a podcatcher. Juice might be a good choice because it also works on Unix, Mac and Windows. If you have juice installed, you can simply enter our podcast rss address which also is located on the main page top left:

Then enter our adress:

Now you can select episodes and press the blue triangle called "Check/Download selected Feeds" to download them (shown in the download tab). Juice allows to select the player in the "File | Preferences | Player" tab. Otherwise you can get the files from the ipodder/downloads directory and copy them fast to your mp3-player.

3. Subscribe to the podcast using iTunes

Simply scroll to the bottom of and you see the iTunes Logo. If you klick on it, that your local iTunes will be opened and you got it.