Mission Statement

We are simply a team of IT professionals who are fascinated by the power and elegance that object database offer. We and many others believe that the time for object database management systems (ODBMS) has come.

We believe that there are many smart professionals out there like you who can see, that relational databases, xml-databases and object databases all have their perfect application areas. And although there are many strong relational databases out there and they mostly fit perfectly e.g. in big companies, there are tons of application areas, where there is no need for O/R mapping and the impedance mismatch. We will be happy to point out in this podcast all the advantages and application areas, where OO databases make more sense then relational dbs. We believe that even education should teach an analyzing view and teach the spectrum of databases. And this is the mission of the wonderful site too.

We have already invested a lot of time and money without any reward. Luckily we were able to gain to support our start.

Our greatest reward would be if we could convince you to share our mission and get in contact with us! And make sure you check out some of these smart oodb systems out there!

Stefan Edlich (Editor), Carlos J. Muentes (Editor / Speaker)